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IObit - Game Booster review

Fanatical PC gamers are willing to go to great lengths to get their machines running at maximum efficiency. Over-clocking processors and graphics cards, water cooling, even liquid nitrogen cooling in extreme cases (and you'll need an extreme case), not to mention innumerable operating system tweaks. But not all of us have the time or inclination to tinker with our PC as if it were some sort of classic car.
And on the system tweaking front, Game Booster offers a convenient solution for such people. It's freeware, so all that's required is a swift download, an equally swift installation and one click on a big button that says
"Switch to gaming mode". It's so simple, even the wettest-eared newbie can't go wrong.

What Game Booster actually does is analyse your background processes and pick out any that it deems unnecessary, listing them in its main display. For example, Windows Image Acquisition (which allows graphics software to communicate with hardware such as scanners), or the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (used by Windows Update to throttle off bandwidth for downloads): all extras you won't need for gaming, and when the magic button is clicked, they're all shut down.
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