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Command & Conquer: Renegade is a fast-paced 3D action game set in the gripping Command & Conquer universe. For the first time, experience the C&C universe up-close and personal as you fight it out on the ground among the structures, vehicles and weapons made famous in the original C&C.
You assume the role of Havoc, an elite GDI commando who fights and explores from a first or third-person viewpoint. Battling through exotic indoor and outdoor environments, you're free to use both brute force and stealth in your mission objectives against the evil Brotherhood of Nod.

Command & Conquer Renegade | PC Game | Genre: Action | {176MB}

Wreak Havoc
Experience the Command & Conquer universe on foot as Havoc, the wise-cracking GDI commando from the original game.

Make Your Own Rules
Take on the evil Brotherhood of Nod using your own mix of brute force, stealth and strategy.

Total Access
Sneak inside and explore full-scale structures, like immense Tiberium Refineries and the ominous Hand of Nod.

Grind the Gears
Beef up your arsenal by driving lethal vehicles, such as Nod Buggies, Flame Tanks, and Mammoth Tanks.

Weapons of Mass Destruction
Choose from a multitude of weapons, including the Tiberium Auto Rifle, Chemical Sprayer and the devastating Personal Ion Cannon.

Multiplayer Mayhem
Take out the enemy's base as GDI vs. Nod in our exclusive team-based 'C&C' mode.

Password:- raja