Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines PC Game


Commandos is an exciting game of clever strategy loaded with hours of realistic combat fighting. In this game, you will control and send a small squadron on hazardous missions of life and death.These missions will be dangerous and action packed so you better be ready for anything! Can you, through clever strategy, bring the squadron back alive after sending them behind enemy lines? This game is about studying your enemy and developing a careful plan. 
Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines | Genre: Strategy | {68MB}

This way when the battle comes, executing the plan to perfection is second nature. This is a real-time tactics game which means scenarios are sure to quickly change!The action in this game is intense and furiously packaged to keep you riveted on the action. You will soon be wondering if you can handle the intense pressure of being a Commando.

Enjoy the fact that each Commando will come with a special set of skills. The Green Beret is excellent with a knife and camouflage. The sniper... well his job should be obvious. Demolitions experts can blow things up with skill and accuracy. The Marine is good on land and water. The spy can impersonate Germans. The driver can pilot enemy vehicles so you can have a get away vehicle.The action is intense and the coordination is difficult, but the game delivers hours of adrenaline laced fun!

Game Features:

    * You control 6 individual commandos each with a unique combat skill set
    * Thwart the German war machine by means of sabotage and tactical genius
    * Zoomable isometric camera allows for up to 6 simultaneous camera angles






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