Trials 2 Second Edition


                 Trials 2 Second Edition | PC Game | Genre: Simulation | {125MB}

Trials 2 has it's roots firmly in the old 2D bike games of the 8-bit era. Nominally it evolved out of a series of Flash-based games by Finnish developer RedLynx. Trials 2 also exists as a free Flash game, giving you a quick two-dimensional taste of the addictive gameplay and promoting the full game. However, the full-blown PC version, now in it's second incarnation as "Trials 2: Second Edition" is something different - it takes the beautiful concept and marries it with a modern 3D engine and a tasty pile of online community features.

At first sight, Trials 2 is very much a "casual game" - the controls are the same as in the numerous Flash-based versions, making it very easy to pick up the basics. There is a free demo version, and it's priced accordingly ($20) and available only online. And in a way, almost anyone can figure it out in a few minutes and have a blast. But Now Enjoy The FULL VERSION!!!!!!!




Password:- raja