Nascar Racing 2003 Season

Say it ain't so! Having revolutionized PC vehicular competition and proven definitively that a truly authentic computerized driving experience is entirely within reach, the most dominant racing series of the last decade is headed for that great oval in the sky. Though designer Papyrus Racing Games may return to the PC at a later date with a new driving game, it has officially ended the run of its flagship PC series, NASCAR Racing. Fortunately, it hasn't done so without one last hurrah. Papyrus's latest game, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, makes a great finale for the world's foremost stock car racing series.
Those familiar with NASCAR Racing will feel immediately comfortable with the latest game. Once again, Papyrus has focused on NASCAR's premier series, the Winston Cup, and the developer has gone to great lengths to bring the full flavor of the Cup to your computer. In NASCAR Racing 2003, you'll find all 23 venues frequented by the pros, including the freshly renovated New Hampshire facility and the recently revamped two-mile road course formerly known as Sears Point and now named Infineon Raceway. As in real life, the game features night driving at several of the tracks, including the Bristol and Daytona circuits. It also offers one fantasy track, the extremely fast and crazily high-banked holdover from NASCAR Racing 2002 Season, Coca-Cola Superspeedway.
And fortunately, the latest NASCAR game doesn't skimp on drivers, cars, or teams, either. Though some of the Winston Cup's lesser-known part-time competitors don't make an appearance, all the big names are here, along with generally authentic colors and most sponsors other than alcohol and tobacco interests. In fact, those who say real-life NASCAR is simply a high-speed PR gimmick for its sponsors will quite likely have the same complaint here too. Whether you're sitting inside your car, monitoring the action from one of the game's many alternate viewpoints, or watching the proceedings afterward via the revised replay suite--which is now better than ever thanks to an improved control setup--you'll feel inundated by corporate signage and logos, but again, it's just like the real thing.


Minimum System Requirements" header_level="3"}

System:PIII 450 or equivalent
Video Memory:128Mb
Hard Drive Space:541 MB

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