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[PC] Fixes for those with issues playing BRINK.

So as some of you may have noticed while playing Brink it's a hit or miss situation as far as how smooth the gameplay will be. Enough so that I have had a "rough" time having fun. I however have found the site that can help those of us experiencing one of the many initial launch bugs.

As luck would have it, of course it's mostly an ATI graphics card problem and it's being sorted out, however, till then these fixes should help at least bring some fun back into the game. This includes lag fixes, blue screens, and other known errors. I hope Bethesda/Splash Damage hurry up on some optimization patches.

This is the copy pasta from the source at:

1# Brink (PC) ATI Driver Fix
First turn on in-game console. For this go to your steam library and find brink. Right click and choose properties. The on the General tab select SET LAUNCH OPTIONS and add this.
+com_allowconsole 1
Start up brink and open the console with tilde key, and type ‘r_shadows 0′ without quotes.
After this tweak. Download and install the latest ATI HotFix Drivers.

2# Brink Multiplayer Servers Not Responding, Connection Issues and Server Joining Problem
Forward these ports and you will be able to connect to servers just fine.

UDP/TCP 27015, 27016 and 8766

3# Brink – Blue Screen of Death Fix
Turn off motion blur in game options, this will fix this issue. Add these console graphics tweaks:

r_useHighQualityPostProcess 1
r_useMotionBlur 1

4# Brink – Crash at Desktop/Start Up
OpenGL used by the game engine seem to the root cause of this issue. At the moment, it appears that if you are forcing triple buffering through your card, it will crash the game at start up. Make sure you aren’t forcing triple buffering through the card. Also make sure you have updated Drivers.

5# OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver
Lower the game resolution a bit and it will resolve.

6# Brink Error creating game rendering context
If on start up you are receiving “Error creating game rendering context”, and the only option you have is to quit. If you are using nVidia card, Disable Triple Buffering and If you are using ATI card, try the hotfix above.

7# Brink – No Sound
Make sure you run the game in stereo. If the problem persists, update your sound card drivers.

8# Brink – Low FPS and Performance
Install the latest ATI hotfix pr nVidia Updated Drivers which address these issues.
Disable Motion Blue.
Disable Shadows.
Disable Triple Buffering.
Optimize the game for multi cores using this console tweak:
seta r_useThreadedRenderer “2″

9# Brink – Grid Effect and Blue Tinted Screen
This issue is associated with people running the game on ATI video card. Refer to ATI Fix to resolve this issue.

10# How to Skip Intro Movies
Simply rename your assets folder.


11# How to Change FOV
In the console type g_fov XX. Where XX is your FOV; default (and lowest) is 70.

Brink crashes are a problem that can be caused by a number of different issues, including corrupted registry settings, damaged Windows options and the game being unreadable. If you have problems with Brink, it’s advisable that you are able to repair the various issues that will be causing it with this tutorial.
What Causes Brink Crashes?
The causes of the Brink crashes include the likes of:
·         The game will not be able to read the files / settings which it requires to run
·         Windows will have some problems with its “registry” settings
·         Your PC will have a series of errors that are preventing it from processing the game’s files
How To Fix Brink Game Crashes
Step 1 - Re-Install Brink
Yes, you heard me right – you’re going to have to reinstall the software. Don’t worry though, it’s really easy because it can be done straight from Windows and just requires you click a few buttons to make it happen:
·         Click “Start”
·         Click “Control Panel”
·         Click “Add / Remove Programs” (Windows XP), or “Programs And Features” (Windows Vista & 7)
·         Locate “Brink”
·         Remove The Game
·         Restart your PC
·         Install the game again
Step 2 - Update The Graphics Drivers On Your PC
The graphics drivers of Windows are used to help make sure that your computer can play the games and programs which have a large number of advanced settings. Although there are a lot of graphics drivers out there which you can use on your system, it’s often the case that they will either become damaged, deleted or just plain unreliable – leading the Brink Crashes to occur. If you want to resolve problems with this game, it’s recommended that you’re able to upgrade the graphics drivers that you have, by following these steps:
1.     On your keyboard, press WINDOWS KEY + R (loads up “Run”)
2.     In the dialogue box which loads, type “dxdiag”
3.     When DXDiag loads, click the “Display” tab
4.     Look at the “Manufacturer” listing
5.     Click onto the Internet and search for the manufacturer’s website
6.     Click onto “Downloads”
7.     Download their latest graphics driver
8.     Install the driver
Step 3 - Update Windows
You should look to update Windows. This will ensure that your computer doesn’t have any problems with its files or options, which will in turn cause a number of potential issues with the various parts of your system. You can do this by using the steps outlined here:
·         Click Start
·         Click All Programs
·         Click Windows Update
·         Download all available updates
Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry
·         Download This Registry Cleaner
The “registry” is one of the big causes of Brink errors, and will lead to problems by becoming corrupted and damaged. The registry is basically a central database for all the settings, options and information which Windows will store inside, and is used continually to help make sure that your PC is able to run as smoothly as possible. Although it’s easily one of the most important parts of the entire Windows system, the registry is continually causing errors and should be fixed by using a registry cleaner tool.
We recommend using a program called RegAce System Suite to get rid of any of the potential issues that Windows may have inside. We’ve found this program is able to fix the various problems that your system will have with the registry, boosting its speed and reliability as a result.