Fix Mafia II Error

This Mafia 2 troubleshooting guide aims to fix Mafia II errors, including crashes, ATI graphics issue, PhysX and can't start bugs. Related graphics drivers will be provided here.
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Being interested in the Mafia 2 game on your laptop/desktop badly? Nvidia PhysX and graphics card will make the game performance better than ATI card. If you have met some problem while playing Mafia 2, you can follow this Mafia 2 troubleshooting guide to fix Graphics, black screen, can't start or freezes issues.
Mafia 2 Troubleshoot Guide: Fix Mafia II Errors, Crashes, ATI, PhysX and Graphics Bugs
1. ATI Graphics Issues
If you are facing graphic problems such as 3D Vision not working in Mafia 2, you can fix it by changing it in the game options menu. Or you need to change a new good graphics driver for running it smoothly. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Graphics can play Starcraft 2 smoothly. Download the powerful graphics driver below. If you want to play 3D vision Mafia, you can install the new nVidia 3D vision driver 258.96.
2. Black Lines, Graphical Error
If you are seeing black lines in certain parts of the game during different missions, please check if your video card is not overheated. Keep the temperature of your video card and system monitor tool not too high.
3. Mafia 2 PhysX Performance Tweaks
You can remove the apex clothing simulation effects from the game to increase the frame rates and overall game performance to fix Mafia 2 PhysX.
4. Mafia 2 Can Not Start
You will also need to update your video card drivers and directX. And download the specified version of PhysX and run the Mafia 2 game in compatibility mode.
Or When you click Mafia 2 executable, game starts with splash image which disappears after a while and then nothing happens:
Go to C:\Users\yourAccountUserName\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves and open file "videoconfig" with notepad and change all 1's to zeroes (0's).
Within that file you will find something like: 0 0 1680 1050 1 0 0 1 Change it to: 0 0 640 480 0 0 0 0. After this, your Mafia 2 game will start normally.
5. Fix Mafia 2 Blackscreen
When you start the game, it gives you a black screen. One possible reason is your monitor being out of range. Simple solution is:
Go to C:\Users\yourAccountUserName\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves and open file "videoconfig" with notepad and change video resolution to your native desktop resolution.
6. Fix Mafia 2 Brightness Bug
Right click on Mafia 2.exe and go to its properties. Click on the compatibility tab and check "disable desktop composition", save the changes.
7. Mafia 2 Game Freezes
If you are on an old graphic card, disable the PhysX. No need to even tweak it for good performance, just disable it and run the game on low/medium settings is a available way.